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FolkPort in English
Folkrock from Norway since 2002 - inspired from the British Isles

Om FolkPort

Norwegian & British inspired roots & folkrock with impact,interaction and atmosphere is the trademark of FolkPort. Their varied musical concept covers everything from punchy trad.and dancetunes to poetic ballads and instrumentals.

With their relaxed and experienced stage presence and a perfect mix between their own and more traditional music, FolkPort creates a mutual "music pub mood" with any audience. Whether it's on a large festival stage or at a smaller concert venue doesn't matter. It happens every time. You can set your mind at peace with epic ballads or sing along to nasty drinking tunes but you will surely not be able to sit still when FolkPort stir up their punchy dancetunes, jigs & reels.

Over the years FolkPort have performed at festivals and venues in Norway and Denmark including their sixth Skagen Festival in July 2013. At the same time there has been a lot of recording sessions for their albums released in 2010 and 2015. A main event was undoubtedly a warmup gig for Fairport Convention at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo.

FolkPort is now performing in it´s original and more acoustic format.

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Veien hjem

Let me in

Open Sea

Come Away

FolkPort's musicians have experience from a broad range of musical styles:

Ørjan Arntsen

violin / celloviolin / mandolin / vocal

Sølvi Eriksen Kvam

vocal / whistles / accordeon / piano / electric bagpipe

Bjørn Fyen

vocal / acoustic guitars

Tore Tambs-Lyche bass / acoustic guitar / vocal
Jan Larsen (2008 - 2017) el. guitar
André Banini (2012 - 2017) drums / percussion

André Banini (2003 - 2012)

drums / percussion / vocal





YouTube FolkPort Acoustic Live VideoDemo 2018

Links to some audio clips and videos
can be found at our sound & video page

We are happy to respond to your interest of any kind.
Send us an email at: folkport@folkport.com

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After about 250 large and small concerts of every kind - the pinnacle of FolkPort´s numerous experiences is of course
FolkPort playing support for Fairport Convention
at Rockefeller Music Hall | Oslo - Norway

FolkPort Live - Rockefeller
FolkPort Live • Rockefeller • Oslo


A very special evening for the band with Fairport Convention headlining at Rockefeller - the band that has influenced us the most

Fairport Convention on stage

Backstage with Ric Saunders | FolkPort´s Solvi happy and invited to the stage with Fairport on the iconic closing song "Meet on the Ledge"




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